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  • GCHQ Britain's sigint agency, Government Communications Head Quarters. 
  • GIA an underground group in Algeria.
  • GID Iraq's main intelligence organization, Da' Irat al Mukhabarat al-Amah
  • GRAYMAIL- Threat by a defendant in a trial to expose intelligence activities or other classified information if prosecuted
  • GHOUL -: agent who searches obituaries and graveyards for names of the deceased for use by agents.
  • GRU Russian military intelligence, the Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye.
  • GSS Israel's security service (also called Shin Beth)
  • GUAN-XI an access agent for China's intelligence agency
  • GUOANBU one of China's security services.
  • GUSTAV WEBER Hitler's double, used by the Fuhrer's bodyguards to stymie the Allies as to his whereabouts. Shot in the forehead immediately after Hitler's death.


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