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  • DAM France's military intelligence agency.
  • DANGLE a spy who poses as a walk-in to penetrate the other side. Also see WALK-IN.
  • DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (USA).
  • DATA RECOVERY bureaucrat-talk for the backdoor built into all US-exported crypto software since 1998.
  • DCSS Denmark's security service.
  • DDIS Denmark's intelligence agency.
  • DEAD DROP a physical location where communications, documents, or equipment is covertly placed for another person to collect without direct contact between the parties.
  • DEAD-LETTER BOX same as dead drop.
  • DEAD-LETTER DROP same as dead drop.
  • DECOY distracts adversary's attention.
  • DEEP-COVER AGENT permanent cover.
  • DEFECTOR a person who has renounced his/her country of citizenship.
  • DGI Cuba's intelligence agency.
  • DGSE France's intelligence agency.
  • DHS - Department of Homeland Security - USA agency
  • DIA a US intelligence agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency.
  • DIRTY TRICKS covert sabotage carried out by a security service or intelligence agency, ranging from pranks to assassination.
  • DIVERSION distracts adversary's attention.
  • DLB acronym for dead-letter box. Also see DEAD DROP.
  • DOPE BOOK a notebook kept with a sniper rifle for the purposes of recording the atmospheric conditions, range, lighting, and resulting hit or miss of every shot fired.
  • DOPPELGANGER a look-a-like. See also LOOK-A-LIKE.
  • DOUBLE-AGENT simultaneously serves two adversaries (often with their knowledge).
  • DRY CLEANING active counter surveillance and anti-surveillance against pavement artists and wheel artists.
  • DS Bulgaria's security service, the Drzaven Sigurmost.
  • DSD Australia's signal intelligence agency, Defence Signals Directorate.
  • DST France's security service.
  • DUBOK Russian term for a dead-letter box. Also see DEAD DROP.


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