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  • BACKSTOP an arrangement between two persons for the express purpose of substantiating a cover story or alibi.
  • BAG JOB surreptitious entry, break and enter.
  • BAKIN Indonesia's security service.
  • BATF a US security service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
  • BETTY BUREAU FBI slang for a female support person who has worked for the FBI her entire career.
  • BfV Germany's security service, the Bundesamt fir Verfassungsschutz.
  • BIOGRAPHICAL LEVERAGE blackmail info.
  • BIRDWATCHER -  slang used by British Intelligence for a spy.
  • BLACK-FLAGGED an agent or intelligence officer who is to be interrogated and summarily shot if apprehended.
  • BLIND DATE the first meeting with an unknown person.
  • BLACK PROPOGANDA a smear campaign, usually consisting of character assassination.
  • BLOWBACK unexpected negative consequences of spying activity.
  • BLOWFISH a mathematical algorithm for computer encryption of text that purportedly can only be cracked by brute force if the pass-phrase is unknown.
  • BLOWN detected.
  • BLUE-ON-BLUE friendly fire, inadvertent hostile engagement between allies.
  • BND Germany's intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst. Literally translated as the Federal News Agency.
  • Bona Fides - proof of a person's claimed identity.
  • BOX slang for Britain's security service, MI.5.
  • BREVITY CODES a system of code-words used by members of a surveillance team.
  • BRICK AGENT an FBI agent who works inside a field office. Also see STREET AGENT.
  • BRIDE AGENT - an agent who acts as a courier from a case officer to an agent in a denied area.
  • BRUSH CONTACT a clandestine, momentary contact between two agents who are passing information, documents, or equipment.
  • BRUSH PASS same as brush contact.
  • BSS Belgium's security service
  • BUCAR an FBI car.
  • BUG-ON-A-CHIP slang for USA's Clipper chip.
  • BUPO Switzerland's security service.
  • BURNT burned, completed exposed. See BLOWN.
  • BVD Netherlands' security service.


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