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  • U-2 - the world's most famous spy plane, developed by the U.S. specifically for intelligence collection in the thin atmosphere 55,000 feet above the Soviet Union; it is still in use today.
  • UACB FBI acronym for Unless Advised to the Contrary by the Bureau.
  • UNCLE - the HQ of any espionage agency or service
  • UNITED RED ARMY an underground group in Japan.UNS Croatia's security service, the Ured za Nacionalnu Sigurnost.
  • UNSUB an unknown subject in a surveillance operation.
  • UOP Poland's security service.
  • USSA slang for a USA reminiscent of the oppressive totalitarianism of the former USSR.
  • VCP vehicle control point.
  • VEVAK Iran's intelligence agency.
  • VICKIE WEAVER American citizen probably murdered by the FBI. A landmark case for many concerned Americans.


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