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  • RADINT acronym for radar intelligence.
  • RAID an acronym for Rapid Assessment and Initial Detection, consisting of teams of National Guardsmen who assist civilian authorities after a suspected biological/toxin/chemical attack on a population center.
  • RAVEN a honey pot.
  • RAW - RAW: India's External Intelligence Agency
  • RCMP police agency in Canada similar to the FBI in the USA. Acronym for Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Also known as RCM Police.
  • RCMP SECURITY SERVICE counterespionage, counterintelligence, and counterterrorist branch of RCMP. Also known as RCMP SPECIAL SERVICES.
  • RED BRIGADE an underground group in Italy.
  • RENT-A-GOONS operatives proficient in hand-to-hand combat, used as muscle support when direct physical confrontation is likely.
  • RESISTANCE a civilian underground organization, consisting of cells (1 to 10 persons), circles (a group of cells), and sections (a group of circles).
  • RG France's police intelligence security service, Renseignements Generaux.
  • RING a network of spies or agents.
  • ROLLED UP - when an operation goes bad and an agent is arrested.
  • ROSCOE handgun.
  • RUSE DE GUERRE subterfuge
  • RZ an underground group in Germany. Literally translated as revolutionary cell

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