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  • M-19 underground group in Columbia.
  • MASINT - measurement and signature intelligence; uses elements that do not fit into the traditional scope of IMINT and SIGINT.
  • MASKIROVDA Russian name for deception techniques designed to fool US spy satellites. Recently used by India's counterintelligence agency to conceal nuclear testing from the CIA.
  • MATA HARI honeypot, femme fatale,
  • MBRF one of Russia's intelligence agencies.
  • MERCURY FULMINATE an initiating agent for detonating PETN. See PETN.
  • MI.5 Britain's security service. K Branch is responsible for counterespionage, F Branch for countersubversion, C Branch for security of sensitive government installations.
  • MI.6 Britain's intelligence agency.
  • MICE an acronym for money ideology compromise ego (methods used by intelligence agencies and security services to ruin a target).
  • MILF - Moro Islamic Liberation Front
  • MINI MANUAL OF THE URBAN GUERRILLA an underground operations manual by Brazilian freedom-fighter Carlos Marighella. Contains 41 chapters. Banned in many countries.
  • MIN/MAX a concept in strategic game-theory.
  • MITI -- one of Japan's intelligence agencies.
  • MOLE a penetration agent.
  • MONTENEROS an underground group in Argentina.
  • MOSSAD one of Israel's intelligence agencies, noted for its expertise in wet affairs. Literally translated as "institute". Never referred to as the MOSSAD, but rather simply called MOSSAD.
  • MST Landless Rural Workers Movement, an underground group in Brazil.
  • MUKHABARAT Libya's intelligence agency.
  • MUSIC BOX - Slang for Clandestine Radio
  • MUSLIM UIGHUR an underground group in China.


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