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  • L-PILL - a poison pill used by operatives to commit suicide.
  • L5 4096 bit encryption algorithm
  • LADY honey pot.
  • LAKAM one of Israel's intelligence agencies (Ministry of Defense).
  • LEGEND the faked biography of a deep-cover agent.
  • LETTERBOX a person who is acting as a go-between. Also see CUT-OUT.
  • LINK DIAGRAM connections being analyzed in a complex police investigation or counterespionage case. See problem-solving matrix.
  • LLB an acronym for live-letter box, an address used to receive communication to be forwarded to an intelligence agency. See also DLB.
  • LOOK-A-LIKES decoys used to confuse hit squads and surveillance teams.
  • LSD an acronym for d-lysergic acid diethylanide, a hallucinatory drug discovered in 1943 by Dr. Albert Hofmann, a researcher at Switzerland's Sandoz corporation, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Subsequently monopolized by the CIA for its MKULTRA project that developed methods for secretly controlling people. Still used today by numerous intelligence agencies and security services for the following functions 1. disturbance of memory; 2. discrediting by aberrant behavior; 3. eliciting of information; 4. creation of dependence; 5. suggestibility. At the CIA's request, in 1954 Eli Lilly & Company developed a method for manufacturing LSD from publicly available chemicals. The CIA's bungling of MKULTRA allowed the drug to escape from the lab, where the CIA lost control of it. LSD subsequently ruined two generations of young Americans. No CIA officer or contractor was ever reprimanded or punished.


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