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  • IAKHBAL Israeli police unit that fights organized crime.
  • ICBM an acronym for instant calm breath method, a way to overcome the flight-or-fight reflex (panic). Also reduces hyperventilation.
  • ICBM - Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Capable of international nuclear assaults from almost any range
  • ILD one of China's security services.
  • ILLEGAL an intelligence officer operating in a foreign nation without the protection of diplomatic immunity.
  • IMINT acronym for image intelligence.
  • INFILTRATION -  the secret movement of an operative into a target area with the intent that his or her presence will go undetected.
  • INFORMANT a legitimate member of a target group providing intelligence to the surveillance team.
  • INFO WAR Information Warfare, modern propaganda through (mis)information
  • INNOCENT POSTCARD - a postcard with an innocuous message sent to an address in a neutral country to verify the continued security of an undercover operative.
  • INTELLIGENCE OFFICER a trained member of an intelligence agency, an employee on salary.
  • INTERPOL international police body that coordinates the intelligence gathering and investigative activities of member police forces.
  • INVESTIGATIVE SPECIALIST the FBI's name for a surveillance operative (vehicle or foot). Pay grade GS-7 to GS-10. See also SSG.
  • IRA an underground group in Northern Ireland.
  • ISTIKHBARAT AL ASKARIYA Libyan military intelligence.
  • ITAC an acronym for International Terrorist Assessment Center, located in Washington DC.


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