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Toronto, Canada, February 21, 2006

SpyAccess.com has just revamped its web site and is now completely an online open source intelligence community. Founded in 1999, SpyAccess.com was one of the first "spy" web sites with information, software and gadgets for every spy enthusiast. As the "spyware" revolution occurred online, SpyAccess.com has decided to move away from selling network and computer security applications such as anti-spyware and become and open source intelligence portal. This is a business decision by InfoBureau.net Co., owner and operator of SpyAccess.com, who has two main areas of business: Information Intelligence and Spy Software. SpyAccess.com will move its operation from a spy software web site to and information intelligence site. This means going from a for profit web site, to a not for profit web site.

SpyAccess.com promises to become the largest community of its kind, as large site such as blackcode.com have disappeared. Today, many sites are now forced to become profitable or it they become unsustainable. SpyAccess.com will be sustained by freedom of information and its community, meanwhile, visitors will get the latest and in intelligence, espionage and spying, an arena where information is queen, and access to it is king.

SpyAccess.com will have free software downloads, reports, documents and news related to intelligence, espionage, security, privacy, investigation and spying.

SpyAccess.com & InfoBureau.net Co.

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