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Intelligence operations on both sides of the Atlantic are coming under scrutiny. It seems that it takes more than a bad Russian accent and a fancy car to pull it off as an international spy these days.

Jane’s IntelWeb ( is an online resource that focuses on public and private intelligence organisations from around the world. You have to be a paid subscriber to gain full access to the site, but you can register for free to receive email alerts on the latest intelligence headlines and to read the abstracts of articles on everything from economic espionage to international terrorists groups.

When Disinformation ( was launched in 1996, it was with the aim of highlighting the ‘hidden information’ the corporate media ignore. Now half the web is devoted to that task. The site’s ‘Intelligence watch’ section ( features original articles and daily news gleaned from the world press.

For links to the departments and agencies that make up the US’s vast intelligence community, go to The community’s most mythologised component is probably the CIA, which is overseen by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence ( and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ( The CIA’s own website ( offers the agency’s official history, a glossary of field terms and in-house publications and books on intelligence gathering. Visit the CIA’s virtual museum ( to check out retired tools of the espionage trade, including the ‘matchbox camera’ used behind enemy lines in WWII.

The Association of Former Intelligence Officers ( has an amazing site packed with in-depth articles on the latest intelligence news and developments. Paid subscribers receive the Weekly Intelligence Notes. Non-members can access the notes for free after an eight-week delay.

Find key texts on US and UK intelligence at the Information Warfare Site (, which describes its objective as stimulating debate on security and espionage. You can download for free the recent Congressional reports on the intelligence gathered before and after 11 September.

It should come as no surprise that the internet has everything a wannabe sleuth needs to become the next James Bond. Those at the bottom of the learning curve should start at Intelligence Search (, a search engine for underground espionage and geo-political intelligence sources. Top searches are for spy software and equipment and cryptology.

Become a master spy by using ( It has a collection of reports on the many facets of modern sleuthing. Learn how to use public records and investigative services, analyze email headers and, most important of all, keep secret activities secret.

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