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Cuban suspected of spying is deported for the USA

The Associated Press
APRIL 19, 2005

Cuban suspected of spying is deported

MIAMI (AP) -A Cuban suspected of spying in the United States was deported today.

Federal authorities say Juan Emilio Aboy was sent to Cuba on a U.S. government plane. Aboy had been held for three years without criminal charges but faced immigration charges. He denied the espionage claims and went on a hunger strike on March 12 to protest his detention. He drank only water to survive.

His attorney said he lost about 45 pounds and was hospitalized at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital over the weekend and forcibly administered saline solution through an intravenous drip.

The attorney says he was transported back to an immigration detention center last night. Aboy was a Soviet-trained military diver. He came to the United States in the 1994 rafter exodus.

Federal investigators said Aboy was ordered to infiltrate the U.S. Southern Command, the military command for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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