Russian Trade Official Accused of Espionage in Japan

Police in the Japanese capital Tokyo have accused an employee with the Russian trade mission of espionage, RIA Novosti reports.

Law enforcement authorities claim that an employee of a subsidiary of electronics giant Toshiba, Toshiba Discrete Semiconductor Technology Corp., passed on confidential documents to the Russian diplomat. A police spokesman said the documents contained information about military-applied electronic devices, including missile guidance systems, and for jet fighter radars.

The Japanese employee is thought to have been motivated by financial gain alone, as he was reportedly offered $10,000 to hand the secret documents over. He is believed to have spent the cash in restaurants and bars.

The spokesman did not disclose names, but said that the Japanese man was 30, and the Russian was 35, adding that police suspected the latter was working for the Foreign Intelligence Service. Authorities are taking steps to classify the Russian man as persona non grata.

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