S.K. Military on Guard for Industrial Espionage, Cyber Terrorism

By Seo Dong-shin Staff Reporter

The Defense Security Command (DSC) said Monday it will take tighter measures to prevent industrial espionage in the defense industry and cyber terrorism to meet the changing needs of the time.

``The DSC has beefed up human resources with expertise in investigating industrial spying and military secret leakages to cope with neighboring countries’ espionage activities,’’ the DSC said in a statement.

A team focusing on cyber space has been newly set up to develop more scientific methods including forensic computer work, according to DSC officials. Teams dealing with foreign affairs and counterintelligence have also been expanded, they said.

``To actively cope up with ever-diversifying cases of military secret leakage, we will run a separate security investigation team, which operates 24 hours a day to doggedly hunt down the offenders and establish strict discipline for military secrets,’’ the statement said.

While announcing a raft of measures to meet the challenges in the rapidly changing security environment, the DSC also said that it will reshuffle its organization next month, shifting from the current strictly hierarchical order to a more team-oriented one.

We have test-run six teams from July, despite the prejudice that the hierarchical order of the military would make it impossible,’’ the statement said.Now that we feel certain that it helps boost effectiveness of the organization, we’ll introduce the team-oriented operation from Dec. 1.’’

Unlike intelligence agencies in the past, which used to have a monopoly on intelligence, now the hierarchical bureaucracy seems to limit the agency’s capability to obtain and assist with necessary intelligence, the statement said.

In addition, the DSC launched a team for supporting the Defense Ministry’s 15-year plan to overhaul the country’s military into a high-tech force suitable for future warfare, dubbed ``Defense Reform 2020.’’

``We will beef up monitoring and analysis in the defense budget, investment in the defense industry and procurement, and intensify preventive measures against corruption in acquiring military supplies,’’ the statement said.

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