Former Polish intelligence official admits CIA flights activities over Poland

A former chief of Polish Intelligence Agency (IA) said Tuesday that he had been informed of several -- less than 10-- flights of CIA airplanes over Poland, but never heard of secret CIA prisons in the country.

Zbigniew Siemiatkowskit told Radio Zet that CIA flights may also take place beyond his knowledge because there were other institutions and officials monitoring the activities such as the Agency of Internal Security and its staff.

Siemiatkowski said that head of the IA was obliged to inform Polish president and premier about CIA flights with detained al-Qaida suspects on board, because such incidents were important to state security.

Asked if there was possibility that CIA prisoners were tortured on Polish territory, Siemiatkowski said, "It is difficult to imagine that I knew everything that happened in the big domain I supervised, but it is also difficult to think that such things could happen without knowledge of IA leadership."

International media have in recent weeks reported the CIA use of European airspace and airports to take terror suspects to countries where torture is possible. This has sparked heated debate within Europe.

Polish Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz said Monday that his government would conclude the investigation of the alleged CIA secret prisons in his country next week.

The investigation has to be finished quickly, he added.

Source: Xinhua

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