The expanding uses of "spy software"

Perfect for revealing the truth about what they do on the Internet while you are away, spy software is the easy way to record what your child, spouse or employee does on the computer behind your back. This includes their emails, chat conversations, instant messages, web sites visited and much more.

Top-selling AceSpy computer monitoring program can answer all of these questions. You'll be able to RECORD EVERYTHING they do on the computer while you are away. Perfect for concerned parents or worried spouses. Only AceSpy can INSTANTLY forward their emails and chat conversations to your email address! What is Spy Software? Spy Software, also known as monitoring software, is a computer program that secretly monitors your PC's activity. AceSpy records chats, emails and other Internet activity. This computer spy program runs in complete stealth, so it is completely hidden to others using your PC.

AceSpy contains no icons, program groups or any other mention of the program. You access the recorded activity by email or by pressing a set of keys together and then entering your password into a window. AceSpy also includes advanced surveillance such as webcam and microphone recording!

What is Remote Monitoring Software? In order for a monitoring software program to record activity, it must be installed onto the computer that is going to be monitored. In most cases, you have access to the computer and can simply walk up to it and install the program. But in some cases, you can't get to your remote computer to install the software.

Remote spying programs SniperSpy and iSpyNOW allow you to install from a remote location using an Internet email attachment. You can view all activity logs remotely by logging into a secure website. That's right! You can actually remotely install the software by email and view activity logs from the Internet! Perfect for catching a distant cheating spouse or teen who uses your remote computer. Also see Realtime-Spy PLUS which monitors TWO remote computers.

What is Network Monitoring Software? General monitoring software is designed to record user activities on a single computer. However, network monitoring software allows you to monitor an entire network of computers. This is typically used for employee network monitoring, but is also compatible with government and student networks.

Top selling Pc Surveillance programs brings you the features you need and also affordable solutions. Imagine being able to view an employee's PC screen in real-time, record activities, send them a message and more - all from your workstation. Also check out NetVizor which is spy software designed for larger networks.

How Easy and Confidential is Spy Software? Customers' need for complete privacy and invisibility. But at the same time, spy programs must also be easy to use. Many new spy software programs are extremely easy to learn and the programs also come with complete step-by-step setup instructions, help documentation, frequently asked questions and technical support. If you can surf the web, then you can easily learn how to use computer spy software within minutes. Sounds dangerous, but it does not have to be, if the applications used are done so in an ethical and legal manner.

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