Spying on (Cell) Phones Just Got Easier

Sure cell phones are convenient, but with every new convenience technology that we use, spying on us gets easier and easier. Carrying around a cell phone is like walking around with a 24/7 tracking device on you.

Most cellular phones today are Windows supported. That is a so handy for all us busy people, we can check our emails, surf the web, and oh yeah load software onto our phones. This means that program such as Mobile Spy from Cellular-Spy.com can be loaded onto your phone too. While spying on someone (or your own) cell phone used to be a very difficult high tech task before has become much easier today. Mobile Spy can monitor text messages and incoming and outgoing call logs... from the web! All that at only a cost under $100.00 per year.

Back in the day, we had Whitepages and 411 to help us look up land line numbers which most were readily available and fairly easy to find, but mobile phone numbers were always more discreet. Well today with information technology becoming more refined and advanced, cellular phone info is more readily available. Check out Cell Magic - Reverse Mobile Search in which they guarantee being able to find the owner information of any cell number with their reverse search.

Another service is Reverse Mobile - Cell Number Lookup which gives you access to many generic search databases available to the public. Also 411 and Whitepages have been recently re-invented and have access to many of mobile numbers.

Cell Trace - If You Misplace It, We Trace It! has global Equipment Identity Register so you can track a cell phone anywhere it goes. This service cost $3 a month and from a spying perspective, who says you can't do it to someone else's phone too, thereby being able to trace them.

Reverse Phone Detective is also a great way to get a full phone report on almost any number whether mobile or land.

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