Fake a Caller ID. Change Your Voice on Phone. Simply With A Card.

Do you want to know how you can change your voice and caller ID on any phone call?!


A new special service offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. Simply dial into a toll free number and then your PIN. You'll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID.

Now you have the ability to change your voice to a Male or Female. If you do choose to change your voice, the person whom you call will hear your transformed voice in real-time!!

We also offer the option to record your conversation, which can later be retrieved by logging-in to the control panel or calling the toll-free access number from any phone. There is no extra cost for these features and they are included with your purchase.

Now it is not only spies and agencies that have access to this kind of service. Anyone does. How can a regular person use this service? Easily. Business professionals can return calls using their personal telephones without disclosing phone numbers they prefer to keep private. Also, the free Call Recording Feature enables many businesses to have a record of a verbal order or transaction that can be referred back to later. This also applies to those calling back suspicious numbers.

So how can you do all this? With the SpoofCard you can fake your caller ID. Have any number appear on the caller ID of the person you are calling. Plus free voice changer and call recording!! Check it out.

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