Disappearing Ink Pens & Self Destructing Paper Now Available For Cheap

DISAPPEARING INK PEN SET Here is set of three state-of-the-art ink pens that will magically disappear without leaving a trace of what you wrote. Sensitive notes can be taken today and you can be assured that the sensitive and confidential material will soon disappear. You obtain three different pens. The first pen has ink that will disappear within a couple of hours. The send pen has ink that will disappear in about two days and the third pen disappears after about a week. www.pimall.com/nais/dispen.html


Write Or Type Out Notes Or Instructions That Completely Self Destruct And Dissolve When Contact Is Made With Any Liquid!

This "spy paper" looks like ordinary paper, but is unique in that it dissolves in just seconds when contacted with liquid, resulting in a useless, non-reconstruct mulch which is far more secured than the output of any standard shredder! You can write or type on this paper normally, but contact it with any liquid, even saliva, and it transforms into a secure mulch. You can quickly write out or type a confidential note, give or leave it to a source or agent and then that source or agent can simply place it in a glass or water or otherwise have it make contact with any liquid and the information that was written or typed out is completely destroyed and dissolved disavowing any and all traces that could be left behind!www.pimall.com

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