Intellipedia Unveiled - The Wiki Intelligence Site'

The U.S. intelligence community has unveiled on Tuesday its own highly secret version of Wikipedia. The Intelligence encyclopedia allows analysts to add and edit content in the encyclopedia just like any other site on the World Wide Web.

The access to the top secret ?Intellipedia? is given to 16 agencies of the U.S. intelligence community and ever since its launching on April 17th the encyclopedia has grown enormously and currently has over 28,000 pages and 3,600 registered users.

The system, which allows users to access the data they would never have known, also possesses security problems following a media leak.

Intelligence officials say the format is perfect for sharing information between agencies, a centerpiece of the reform legislation that established Negroponte’s office as national intelligence director after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Intelligence also believes that the online intelligence encyclopedia can also provide more accurate results as the material can be scrutinized by a large range of officials which will help in keeping the material updated and complete.

Intelligence officials are so enthusiastic about Intellipedia that they plan to give the access rights to Britain, Canada, China and Australia.

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