Who Would Want to Bug Me?

by Marvin Badler

Today’s electronic eavesdroppers is not the fictional secret agent we’re so familiar with, instead, it could be another business person, a worker, even a private citizen. It could be anyone who stands to profit form having access to your company’s private and confidential information. Here are just some examples of today’s most frequent eavesdropping and their motivations.

The Activist: Dedicated, yet misguided activists may wish to further their own cause by releasing your private disclosures to the media.

The Dissident: Dissidents want to damage more then your company’s reputation. They may use eavesdropping as a means of compromising your internal security, valuable products and equipment, and even executive travel plans in order to commit crimes against your property and personal. Financial Operators: Unethical financiers can benefit greatly from prior knowledge of a company’s financial dealings.

Competitors: Competitors may seek to gain information on new product development, marketing strategies, customer lists and critical vulnerabilities.

Vendors: Unethical vendors may use eavesdropping in order to give themselves an edge in bidding for you contracts.

Employees: One of your own company’s employees might eavesdrop on another to further his/hers own career and discredit his adversary’s

Information Brokers: Brokers may profit from selling your company’s secrets to the highest bidders.

Today’s technology has given the modern day eavesdropper a wide range of tools – all extremely hard to detect. Most are readily available; some are even “home-made”, from inexpensive parts found in any electronics store.

Counter surveillance products are now available to the general public. You can detect, locate bugs and listening devices. All major categories of electronic surveillance, including – Room, phone and body bugs that are transmitting your conversation. Video transmitters watching your every move. Vehicle tracking transmitters giving away you location. Computer and FAX or Telex transmitters “reading” your information. www.thespymart.com & www.implexsecurityproducts.com

About the Author

An executive level experienced security and investigative expert with proven diversified experiences in: managed operations, applied automation and technical information systems, administrative, staff development, and supervisory skills. The first American to be commissioned by the Israel Government as Security Consultant/Security Chief for El Al Israel Airlines USA

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