New Phone Card Technology Allows Lie Detection & Voice Changing

The Liar Card and Spoof Card are two new phone services by the same company with two very different purposes. The SpoofCard allows users to completely hide or alter their identity while on the phone. You can change your voice in REAL TIME, by simply calling in your phone card and punching in your pin number. Additionally, SpoofCard offers the ability to change what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call. Simply dial the toll free number and then your PIN. You'll then be prompted to enter the destination number followed by the phone number to appear on caller ID. You'll receive your SpoofCard toll-free access number and PIN via email in just a few seconds after you complete your purchase! We do not ship you a printed calling card when you purchase SpoofCard online.

The Liar Card allow users to find out if the person they are speaking to is telling the truth. This phone card contain spy technology to instantly detect lies in your subjects voice! Apparently it is better than (more accurate) a lie detector test or a polygraph. Your subject doesn't have to know they are being tested and the call can be monitored and listened to online for evidence later on. LiarCard is the most advanced voice analysis technology for personal use available today, giving you an indication if your subject is being truthful. You can now have a competitive edge to negotiate a sweeter deal, hire better personnel, choose a more reliable supplier, and even just to let you know if the person talking with you is not being honest on a specific issue. Simply put, LiarCard's patented technology detects the emotional content of speech patterns revealing the mental state and emotional makeup of the speaker. Learn more about the Liar Card here.

At the time being both the SpoofCard and the Liar Card are perfectly legal.

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