Chinese Spy Exposes CCP Espionage Network in Europe

July 5, 2005

LONDON - In order to gain competitive advantage in global commerce, the Beijing authorities have laid a meticulous industrial espionage network throughout Europe, which penetrated all levels of the key industries in Europe including national defense, aerospace, chemistry, heavy industry and communication. This spying has taken place for at least 10 years and is causing serious concerns to the governments in Europe; countries including England have already started to fully investigate it. On the other hand, a recent report by U.S. House of Representatives states that China’s breakthroughs in many scientific and technological fields were achieved by the information obtained through industrial espionage. Those include a supercomputer that runs at speeds previously achieved only by America and Japan, sophisticated communication system and satellite technology, etc.

Experts hold China’s recent advances in the sensitive Taiwan Strait military force is also the result of Chinese espionage against United States. It includes the new cruise missile system that mimics the American Tomahawk cruise missile and the coast defense system that was developed by stealing the blue print of the American Aegis weapons systems

A senior Chinese spy that has been dispatched to stay in Europe for long-term recently defected in Belgium and exposed the Beijing authorities’ plan of obtaining European advanced industrial information and dominating the global industry. The Belgium intelligence expert says the Chinese industrial espionage network in Europe is not only large-scale, but also very penetrating.

The British Daily Telegraph reported that this Chinese spy defector has already turned over the names of several hundred other spies in Europe and detailed their espionage activity to the Belgian government. Because many countries have been penetrated, governments including Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and England have all started full investigations.

As the defector has so far not been granted political asylum, he refuses to appear in public. According to intelligence officials, this defector is a full-time student, who holds a high-ranking position at the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Leuven (CSSAL) in Belgium, and he is in charge of coordinating Chinese industrial espionage in Europe. (Note: the President of the Brussels-based European Center for Strategic and Security Studies (ESISC), Mr. Moniquet, said that this defected spy had been working at a European university and company for ten years. He is only an ordinary member of CSSAL and has not held any high-ranking positions.)

Intelligence officials say that CSSAL helps Beijing officials to stay in contact with Chinese people in different social classes. Whether they are secret agents at embassies, post-graduate students sent to study abroad in Europe or private individuals, they have all independently worked for five to ten years.

Belgian officials pointed out that the French-based communication company Alcatel is a target of infiltration by Chinese industrial spies in Europe. Alcatel obtained a one billion euros (1.2 billion $US) partnership agreement with its Galileo satellite navigation system, which is considered by European leaders to be competitive with the U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS.)

Intelligence officials say that thanks to the information collected by secret agents, China has been able to successfully become a partner in Galileo satellite navigation system.

Chinese spies have not only infiltrated Europe, they have also penetrated the United States. FBI officials in charge of counter-espionage said that China is rapidly weakening the United States’technological advantages. One official said this was evident when China could produce something that would normally take a decade of development in just two or three years.

This official went on to say that China’s intelligence work is used in every area, including personal business, industry, and institutional technological research; nothing is left out.

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