Cell Phone Espionage with Nokia?

December 2005 saw the world's first modified Nokia spy phone. Now, a French site is offering now two Nokia Spy Phones at a more affordable price, with one having a new feature. Retailing for 399.00 Euros, this spy phone looks like any normal mobile phone - except that it silently activates itself, and the caller will be able to eavesdrop on what is happening around the vicinity of the phone. A word of caution - an unlocked Nokia 3310 GSM phone offered in France does not work on US networks.

Several diabolical uses for it would include leaving a meeting room for a break, and then calling it to garner what is going on behind his back. Great for suspicious spouses and jealous girlfriends, so all the players out there had better watch out!

As offered from Spy-Phone.net as well is a modified Nokia 6100 from Spy-Phone.net that can be dialed through a secret number that comes with the phone. You can give this to a friend as a ‘gift’ and then call the secret number to find out what’s going on. Retailing at 699.00 Euros, it does not come cheap. It all sounds pretty dodgy, so buy at your own risk. Also, do check with the local administration as to whether spying on others is illegal or not.

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